We reject harsh budgetary blackmail by the EU

2019. 01. 17.

Press Release of the Hungarian EPP Group delegation

”The EP delegation of Fidesz-KDNP finds it unacceptable that the European Parliament’s pro-migration majority wants to introduce a new tool for putting anti-migration Member States’ citizens under political pressure. The motion would punish anti-migration countries rejecting Soros’ plan by withdrawing development funds” – stressed MEP Tamás Deutsch after the EP adopted its report on the protection of the Union’s budget in case of generalised deficiencies as regards the rule of law in the Member States.

Brussels once again attacked Member States that stand up against mass illegal migration. According to the pro-migration majority, in Member States admitting illegal migrants there are no problems with the state of the rule of law, while in anti-migration Member States the rule of law is in danger. Based on this false argument, it threatens anti-migration countries rejecting Soros’ plan with the withdrawal of funds.

In order to reach their political goals, pro-migration Hungarian opposition MEPs supported the motion thus deliberately caused harm to their country and Hungarian people.

”Absurd, and therefore totally inacceptable that the motion would open the way for the European Commission to punish out-of-favour Member States arbitrarily, without any consideration to normativity which is the foundation of the rule of law and with obvious political intentions” – pointed out MEP Tamás Deutsch, member of the Budgetary  and the Budgetary Control Committee.

The European Parliament’s pro-migration majority was even ready to support the motion of the most migrant-friendly greens’ and extreme left that would consider the economic policy tool of tax competition as a dangerous measure to the rule of law.

The motion adopted by the European Parliament will most probably not get the support of the heads of states and governments in the European Council, since according to the Council’s Legal Service the motion lacks any legal basis. The Hungarian government under all circumstances will prevent any EU development funds to be unlawfully taken away from the Hungarian citizens