We ensure the protection of European and Hungarian products in China

2020. 11. 17.

The European Parliament (EP) today voted in favor of an EU-China agreement protecting 100-100 European and Chinese geographical indicators, including Italian Parmesan cheese, French champagne and Greek feta. Hungarian Tokaj has also been added to the list of iconic European products. This way it is no longer possible for imitations to appear on the shelves of Chinese shops under the name of the Hungarian wine specialty.

Fidesz MEP Enikő Győri pointed out after the vote: “It is an imperative to provide adequate protection for our products outside the EU. To this end, we must include the protection of geographical indicators in our free trade agreements. ‘

The European People’s Party politician added: “The Chinese market, with its 1.4 billion consumers, is a treasure trove of huge opportunities. However, we do not yet have a free trade agreement with China. That is why the agreement adopted today is of paramount importance, as this is the only way to adequately protect the rightly famous European, including the Hungarian GI products. It is therefore a pleasure for me that the agreement will extend protection to another 175-175 European and Chinese products in four years. In this second round, the salami from Szeged and grape marc pálinka (törkölypálinka) will receive the protection they deserve. With this step, we support European and thus Hungarian producers, protect the interests of consumers and, last but not least, age the reputation of our country in the Far Eastern country as well” concluded Enikő Győri.