We don’t want compulsory gender training!

2024. 04. 29.

On Wednesday, the plenary session of the European Parliament voted in favour of a report calling for compulsory gender training for MEPs. The position of the Fidesz delegation to the European Parliament is clear: it rejects the gender madness and thus another attempt at blackmail by left-wing groups.

Once again, the Brussels elite is surpassing itself in pushing gender propaganda to the point of absurdity. In a series of blatant political blackmails and outrageous European Parliament resolutions, the left-wing groups are now sending MEPs back to the classroom by introducing compulsory gender training. Any MEP who does not take part in the awareness-raising would be stigmatised and subject to severe punishment, including temporary suspension from the European Parliament. The position of the Fidesz delegation in the European Parliament is clear: it does not want compulsory gender training and rejects the new attempt at blackmail by the left-wing groups.

It is outrageous that the European Parliament continues to be preoccupied with gender madness instead of solving real problems, such as migration, declining economic competitiveness, and the need to end the devastating war in our neighbourhood as soon as possible. The European mainstream, fearing a right-wing surge in the EP elections, is resorting to unconventional means and, fearing for its power, re-educating MEPs.

The stakes of the European elections have never been higher: to return Brussels to normality on 9 June.