We are doing our best to speed up enlargement

2019. 09. 27.

Briefing by MEP Andor Deli

“We need to use the full toolbox of the European Parliament to make progress on enlargement policy, which is of paramount importance to us Hungarians in Vojvodina,” said Fidesz MEP Andor Deli, with regards to the preparatory meeting of the Intergroup for Enlargement.

“We need security and stability in Europe, and for this it is essential for the countries of the Western Balkans to become full members of the European Union as soon as possible. Thus, I have initiated the creation of an intergroup to work on EU enlargement policy. This would create an opportunity for representatives promoting enlargement to speak with one voice,” said the ethnic HungarianMEP from Vojvodina, Serbia.

“The intergroup would facilitate constructive dialogue and cooperation between MEPs and Western Balkan governments, organizations, and other key players in public life. This would increase the influence of the European Parliament in the accession negotiations and would enhance the countries of the region, including Serbia, to join the EU as soon as possible,” Deli pointed out. Background: Intergroups are special forums in the European Parliament where members of several political groups come together to discuss topics of particular interest to them. Each political group can only support the establishment of a predetermined number of intergroups. These intergroups are therefore the result of long negotiations between the different political groups, a sensitive process that is expected to be completed in December.