Ursula von der Leyen should open towards Central Europe

2019. 07. 16.

Press Release by MEP Enikő Győri

The election of EPP candidate Ursula von der Leyen will provide the opportunity to start a new chapter in the politics of the European Union, said Fidesz MEP Enikő Győri in a written statement submitted to today’s plenary agenda on the “Statement by the candidate for President of the Commission”. MEP Győri defended the selection process to nominate her, and called on von der Leyen to remain open towards Central Europe and to avoid double standards.

Article 4.2 of the Treaty on European Union must be respected, Győri said. Every Member State must be evaluated according to one, standard framework, while also respecting the national identity of the Member States. “The election of von der Leyen gives us a chance to address our common affairs through a dialogue characterized by mutual respect, within the established competences of the European institutions and according to existing, and not imaginary rules. The next president must be the guardian of freedom. “Let it be possible to think or believe differently in conservative values. Let it be possible to speak about the protection of European civilization and culture without fear of punishment”, she added.

The next president must open towards Central Europe, Győri said. The president must possess a well-grounded understanding of the Central European reality. The candidate for president should travel to Hungary as soon as possible to gain information first-hand. “Central Europe is the economic engine of the EU. When it comes to deciding on the next Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) of the European Union, the next president is encouraged to alter the previously-made fiscal plans while being mindful of the fast-paced developments that have taken place in the region over the past few years. She shouldn’t punish good achievements, but reward them instead,” said the Fidesz MEP.

MEP Győri expressed her support for the path that led to the election of van der Leyen. “Your nomination took place in accord with EU contracts, respecting the rule of law and democratic values. Von der Leyen shouldn’t be held accountable for the Spitzenkandidat system, which isn’t included in the Treaties. This would be an undeserved, legally-ungrounded course of action to pursue,” Enikő Győri said.