The European Parliament would cover up corruption

2024. 04. 29.

The European Parliament plenary voted on Thursday to set up an inter-institutional body on ethical standards. The Fidesz delegation to the European Parliament believes that after the unprecedented corruption scandal in the European Parliament a year and a half ago, Brussels should not work on a fake solution, but should root out corruption in Brussels from the first to the last case. 

The European Parliament adopted an agreement on Thursday to set up an inter-institutional body on ethical standards. Regarding the body, several MEPs pointed out that it was not clear what the report meant by ethical standards. A year and a half ago, the biggest corruption scandal in the history of European integration broke out — with no consequences to date. Those involved committed crimes and did not violate some sort of ethical standards.

Corruption cases in Brussels are about criminal law, not ethics, so the investigation should not be about compliance with ethical requirements. The institution has not yet provided a substantive response to systemic corruption in the European Parliament. 

The undefined concept of ethical misconduct does not serve the purpose of detecting crimes, but gives the left another tool for party-affiliated politically motivated blackmail. 

In the European Parliament elections in June, what is at stake is to finally stamp out the corruption in Brussels.