The European Parliament has become a caricature of democracy and parliamentarism

2020. 05. 14.

A debate on “Emergency Legislation in Hungary and its impact on the Rule of Law and fundamental rights” was held in a plenary session of the European Parliament (EP) today via videoconference. Fidesz and KDNP MEPs find it unworthy and disappointing that while 160,000 people in Europe have died of the coronavirus epidemic and millions have become unemployed, the left wing and the Soros network are not concerned with the fate of European citizens but continue to attack Hungary.

Political groups of the left has forced the debate on the Hungarian law, which was created to fight the coronavirus epidemic, onto the European Parliament’s agenda, despite the fact that the European Commission has already stated that the legislation does not violate EU law in any way and solely serves to protect against the epidemic. It also turned out that an earlier EP resolution also contained intentional lies and factual errors about the law and Hungary.

Since the beginning of the epidemic, the European Parliament has not been able to ensure its operation in accordance with the rule of law, as MEPs who are forced to be absent due to restrictions because of the coronavirus epidemic are not able to give their remarks during the debates.

Representatives of the left-wing majority, who hold forth about the rule of law from dawn to dusk, have not even allowed the Hungarian government to speak in the debate. The left-liberal majority of the European Parliament wanted to pass a political verdict on Hungary while ignoring the most basic principle of a fair trial, preventing the Hungarian government’s position from being reflected in the debate in Brussels. 

During the debate, the same people spoke and the same lies were told by those who constantly attack our country because of our rejection of illegal migration and construction of a border fence. These actors have been busy for years putting pressure on the politics of Hungary, which strongly reject illegal migration. Now, using the coronavirus act as an excuse, in recent weeks they have launched again an unfounded political attack on Hungary inside the EU of an unprecedented intensity. 

The Hungarian opposition is at the forefront of the harsh political attacks on our country. They dictated to their comrades the Tavares Report and later the Sargentini Report; they constantly lied about Hungary and constantly demanding the punishment of Hungary. Even in today’s debate, they were enthusiastically machinating against their own country.

In his speech, Fidesz MEP Andor Deli emphasized that as the coronavirus epidemic approaches its end, unity between Member States should be paramount. “We must now stand truly united to preserve people’s health and help the economy. This requires real European cooperation in order for Europe to remain relevant on the global stage. The European Parliament should help with this,” said AndorDeli, additionally pointing out that this debate evokes a time of the old show trials, when European values and fundamental legal principles were openly mocked. “Unfortunately, no one cares about the arguments and facts here!” he closed his remarks.

Fidesz and KDNP MEPs have repeatedly stood up for Hungary and for the protection of the Hungarian people. Hungary is still first for us!