MEP Szájer’s letter to Hungarian weekly HVG

2017. 11. 14.

Dear Colleague,

In the recent days I am under an orchestrated attack on behalf of the leftwing media after a fake news report in my country. The leftist weekly accused me in a Sunday report about my town meeting in the northen Hungarian city of Eger on the day before, telling that migrants are zombies. Obviously this is a slanderous lie. I never have said this, and you know me well, for me as a christian democratic politician, or just a human being the human dignity is of utmost importance. We could be on any side of the big debate on migration in Europe but I am sure we agree that stating that refugees are not humans, goes way beyond any moral red line, it is comletely unpermissable. If anyone says something like that I will be myself among the firsts to protest against it.

I wrote immediately a letter to the editor of the journal protesting against this lie, which they put in my mouth. I also posted the relevant part of the voice record of the meeting on my website. It stands as clear proof for my real words, which have nothing to do with what did report about them.

Despite all the attacks did not stop, the latest one of them is in the last issue of Politico, whose „well informed source” states that I am worth watching, since I have a very weak legislative record in the European Parliament, and that I am the husband of Tünde Handó, who is the schoolfriend of Viktor Orbán’s wife, and that I wish to welcome the refugees to Europe by calling them the Army of the Dead…

I guess, from this you can already see how incorrect these reports are.

I would only add that we have a national election in six month in Hungary, and fake-news-wise it will not be any different than other recent election campaigns we saw in the US or in Europe…

Yours sincerely,

József Szájer