Letter by MEP Kinga Gál and MEP Tamás Deutsch to David Sassoli, President of the European Parliament on the continuous intimidation of the Hungarian national community in Ukraine

2021. 02. 02.

Hon. David Maria SASSOLI

President of the European Parliament

In Brussels, 2 February 2021

Subject: Continuous intimidation of the Hungarian national community in Ukraine

Honourable President,

With reference to our previous letters on the subject, your response of 22 December 2020, as well as the latest developments, we are turning to you again with regard to the continuous intimidation the Hungarian national community in Ukraine has been exposed to.

In our first letter, we have offered a detailed description of an unjustified and violent action delivered by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) on 30.11.2020 against several institutions of the Hungarian community. To date, Ukrainian authorities have failed to offer any explanation or justification to the intervention. As a result, members of the Hungarian community as well as leaders of the institutions in question and political representatives have voiced their growing concerns and expressed their fear from the recurrence of such arbitrary intimidating actions.

In our second letter, we have informed you about the intimidation of our fellow MEP, Mrs Andrea Bocskor by being listed on the „death-list” of the Ukrainian radical portal „Myrotvorets”. Unfortunately, the Ukrainian authorities have not reacted in any way to this alarming incident.

As for the latest developments are concerned, we would like to inform you that the day before the official visit of the Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Péter Szijjártó to Ukraine on 27 January, the Embassy of Hungary in Kiev, the General Consulate of Hungary in Uzhhorod, the Consulate of Hungary in Berehove, the Subcarpathian Hungarian College Ferenc Rákóczi II in Berehove and the Ede Egan Subcarpathian Economic Development Centre received a letter from alleged “Ukrainian patriots” with the following massage: “a major bloodshed will happen, Hungarian blood will flow if your minister enters Ukraine”. The Hungarian Embassy in Kiev reported the case to the Police.

Mr. President,

We are on the view that such an unprecedented intimidation of our fellow Member cannot be left unanswered by the President of the European Parliament. In the light of the established practice of this House, a deadly threat exceeds by far the limit where the President should make a plenary statement. In the context of the above described situation, we would consider it appropriate for Mr. President to take a firm stand against this unparalleled threat.

We are looking forward to your kind cooperation.

Sincerely yours,

Kinga Gál MEP

President of the Hungarian EPP Delegation

Tamás Deutsch MEP

Head of the Hungarian EPP Delegation