It was time to recognize the role of border protection

2020. 03. 11.

Press Release by MEP Andor Deli

On a plenary debate in the European Parliament yesterday evening, MEPs discussed the migration situation at the Greek-Turkish border. Fidesz MEP Andor Deli stressed that the Hungarian EPP Group Delegation is fully in favour of the severe actions by the Greek Government on border protection.

„The situation at the Greek-Turkish border has shown how far things can escalate if politicians sweep problems under the rug, as they have done in the past years concerning migration and border protection. The European leaders did not want to deal with the situation, thus they entrusted Turkey with the protection of Europe’s gates with an agreement in 2016,” pointed out EPP Group MEP Andor Deli. He underlined that the Hungarian government was the only one who had consistently stood up for the protection of borders since 2015, even at the cost of countless unfounded criticisms and harsh attacks.

In his written statementhe welcomed that the leaders of Europe have finally recognized the importance of maintaining border protection and security to preserve the much-proclaimed European freedoms, values, and lifestyle. „Better late than never,” highlighted Andor Deli.