In wartime, every word has added power

2022. 03. 09.

The European Parliament today put the security situation in Europe on its agenda as a priority debate following the Russian aggression and invasion of Ukraine. MEP Kinga Gál, President of the Fidesz delegation in the European Parliament, underlined that the war must be prevented from spreading beyond Ukraine and that Hungary is committed to restoring peace.

“Russia’s military aggression is unacceptable. Europe has a common interest in restoring peace and security in Ukraine. The decision by NATO foreign ministers that NATO will not be part of the war is important. We must prevent the war from spreading beyond Ukraine,” MEP Kinga Gál said.

“We must avoid any action that would drag our country into war or endanger the safety of Hungarian people. We must not let the price of war be paid by the Hungarian people. Therefore, we oppose any measure that would endanger the security of Hungarians’ energy supply,” the MEP stressed.

The Fidesz MEP, who visited the Ukrainian-Hungarian border over the weekend, said: “I saw refugees arriving, almost only women and children. The country is united in helping the 190,000 refugees, regardless of which part of Ukraine they come from. One of the largest humanitarian missions of Hungary is taking place.”

MEP Kinga Gál added: “The numerous malicious rumours and disinformation spread against us are unacceptable, and may even endanger the security of Hungarians living on the other side of the border. In a situation of war, every word has increased power. Even one wrong sentence can stir up trouble. I call on the opposition and all MEPs of the Hungarian left not to endanger the peace and security of Hungarians on any side of the border with their fake news and statements.”