What is George Soros up to in Brussels?

2017. 04. 27.

George Soros is visiting Brussels this week to discuss with European leaders, including Jean-Claude Juncker, Frans Timmermans and others, the situation in Hungary, migration and his vision for Europe. Isn’t it strange that an American billionaire receives such an open and warmhearted reception from the leaders of the European Union?

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This Thursday, Soros, a staunch opponent of border protection in the European Union, proponent of mass migration into the EU and an open critic of center-right governments like Viktor Orbán’s, will attend a number of meetings with the EU’s senior leadership.

It is not his first lobbying visit though. Many remember that in June 2016, the American billionaire gave a speech in the European Parliament, suggesting that cohesion and agricultural funds should be cut in order to finance “refugee reception and integration” in the EU. He also suggested that Brexit is an opportunity for the EU to grab more power from the Member States.

It may raise eyebrows, especially among those who remember why Soros is regarded “the man who broke the Bank of England” in 1992 and that he was convicted for aggressive speculation against Société Générale in France. This is a man who said in 2008 – when global financial markets were melting down – “I’m having a very good crisis”, who admits he is driven by “some rather potent messianic fantasies”, and who says he wants his “foundation network to be the conscience of the world.”

Why then is he, having profited enormously by toppling currencies and creating chaos in the world, given such a conspicuously red carpet treatment in the corridors of power of the Brussels elite?

DC Leaks, a website that has published leaked emails and documents from prominent elements in US public life, has offered one answer. A document that they published from Soros’s Open Society network provides “intelligence on Members of the 8th European Parliament likely to support Open Society values”. It identifies 226 MEP’s of the European Parliament, including then-President Schulz, seven vice-presidents, presidents of Committees, quaestors, coordinators and others as trustworthy allies of the billionaire’s goals.

This is only the European Parliament. If Soros has managed to become so influential in the European Parliament, then consider the reach of his influence in the European Union as a whole.

We should have little doubt, especially since the financier has been quite clear about his agenda, that he will lobby for open outside borders for Europe and will brief his “trustworthy allies” on how to pressure Hungary’s government to accept the mandatory quota plan, to deconstruct the legal and physical border protection system that proved successful in bringing illegal immigration under control, and to let migrants in without the proper procedures.

The casus belli for this week’s lobbying blitz is a couple of administrative requirements in Hungary’s new higher education law that Soros allies interpret as “closing down” CEU, his university in Budapest. That argument has serious flaws. In particular, even CEU’s website declares that the new legislation will not close them down.  Also, if operated in any one of 13 out of the 16 German states, The Netherlands or Switzerland, the CEU would have to face similar requirements.

On this and on migration, as well as other issues, Hungary wants to come to an agreement with its European partners. But if the EU wants to succeed and survive, it should give more attention to its own members, to its own citizens than it gives to an unelected, American billionaire.

What is George Soros doing in Brussels so frequently? He is usually up to no good. Why is the harbinger of chaos so influential in Brussels? Many wonder.