Frank Füredi: The cultural wars over values resemble the religious wars

2018. 02. 15.

In his latest book entitled “Populism and the European Culture Wars,” renowned sociologist Frank Füredi argues that the cultural wars in Europe are about the interaction of Christianity and Islam, the meaning of European culture and the clash between multiculturalism and nationalism. At a book launch event in the European Parliament, hosted by MEP György Schöpflin, Professor Füredi said that behind this antagonism we find conflicts today around national sovereignty and the role of the nation state.

The overarching supranational ideology of the EU’s institutions denounces the idea of national sovereignty as an obsolete and destructive concept, Füredi writes in his book. According to the author, we see this difference in values among several Member States and it largely coincides with the old East-West division of Europe.

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