EU climate goals mustn’t hurt competitiveness

2019. 07. 18.

Press Release by MEP Edina Tóth

The Finnish Council Presidency presented its program on the plenary session Wednesday. MEP Edina Tóth, member of the EP’s Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Committee, welcomed that climate protection is among their main priorities.

“We have to set and achieve EU climate goals in a way so that it wouldn’t hurt our global competitiveness and it wouldn’t contribute to emission increase in third countries either”, said the Fidesz-KDNP MEP.

The EU’s long-term carbon-neutrality strategy requires more debate and discussions. Instead of ideological debates, we must focus on analysis, while understanding Member States that struggle to meet the preliminary targets. Climate goals must be achieved in a technology-neutral way with sufficient EU budget allocated to reach the results.

“Each party has to contribute to the implementation of the Paris Agreement. The EU sets a good example but it’s necessary for other countries in the world to set similarly ambitious goals. “With the above principles kept, Hungary is ready to fulfill its part and actively cooperate with the other countries”, MEP Edina Tóth said in closing.