Brussels is pursuing a misguided policy, so change is needed!

2023. 11. 09.

“Europe is in trouble, but Brussels is incapable of providing sound solutions, so we need a change”, said Fidesz MEP Balázs Hidvéghi at the European Parliament’s plenary session on Wednesday. The MEP pointed out: Brussels is pursuing a misguided migration policy, which is leading to terrorism and antisemitic incidents on the streets of Western Europe. MEP Hidvéghi said that Brussels’ strategy on Ukraine had failed; there is confusion over the EU budget, while conservative governments are being subjected to an ideological campaign and EU funds are being illegally withheld from them.

According to MEP Balázs Hidvéghi, one only has to look at what is happening on the streets of Western Europe. “Islamist terrorists are killing innocent people; mass demonstrations are being organised to cheer on a terrorist organisation; and open antisemitic incitement is being carried out in a way not seen since the Second World War”, the MEP pointed out. He stressed that the link between illegal migration and terrorism is as clear as day. “And yet, many people are still repeating the absurd claim that immigration is a good thing that we need”, MEP Hidvéghi said.

He stressed that many in the European Parliament are supporting the continuation of the war without criticism, while it is clear that Brussels’ strategy on Ukraine has failed. “More than a year and a half after the fighting began, we are not a single step closer to ending the war, while hundreds of thousands of people are dying on the battlefield”, the MEP pointed out.

He added that the chaos surrounding the EU budget is a cause for concern and that it is unacceptable that Brussels is making untruthful, ideological attacks on conservative governments and withholding EU funds from them unjustly.  “Instead of policies that weaken Europe, we need new leadership that puts the interests of Europeans first. It is time for a change in Brussels”, MEP Hidvéghi concluded.