You cannot heat with illusions: Brussels should urgently change direction

2023. 03. 23.

At Wednesday’s plenary session, the European Parliament discussed how to build a competitive economy and create more jobs. Fidesz MEP Enikő Győri emphasized: “The European economy is under heavy pressure caused by the war, sanctions, energy crisis, the burden of green and digital transition, bureaucracy, and now also by the protectionist industry policy of the US. Our economic and trade policies are steeped in ideology, and new rules are being produced daily without prior impact assessments. Yet you can neither heat homes nor create jobs with pipe dreams or gender ideas.”

“The Commission should urgently change direction. Instead of overregulation, we need a business-friendly environment and a lasting reduction in energy prices. Let us choose our trading partners for mutual business benefit. Let’s diversify in order to reduce our exposure to external players and secure the supply of raw materials for the industry. Our aim with new rules should be solely to strengthen competitiveness and reduce the administrative burdens on firms. Only through such measures can we create jobs, not via debt.”

She highlighted that “only one fifth of the recovery funds has been disbursed. Five Member States, including Hungary, have not received any money at all. By withholding the money, the Commission is undermining Hungarian competitiveness and interfering in the economic competition of Member States. The Commission must stop playing politics and urgently release the money.”