With Timmermans at the forefront, pro-migration forces prepare once more for revenge

2019. 09. 05.

Press Release by the Fidesz-KDNP Delegation to the European Parliament

Pro-migration forces continue to want to put pressure on Member States that refuse immigration, using the rule of law as their magic word. On today’s meeting of the European Parliament’s LIBE Committee, the Socialist Frans Timmermans, on behalf of the outgoing pro-migration European Commission, presented his plans that point in this direction. They want to assign Soros’s migration organizing network to determine if the rule of law prevails in a Member State or not. To do this, they intend to boost the Soros network with euro millions.

Frans Timermans lead the pro-migration forces in the European Parliamentary elections and now wants to take revenge with the European pro-migration left for preventing him from becomingPresident of the European Commission. He still remains active in attacking countries that refuse immigration, including Hungary and Poland. They want to punish our country because the Hungarian people said no to immigration. With referemces to the rule of law and vague concepts, they actually want to weaken our national sovereignty.

We hope that the new European Commission that enters office in November – unlike the outgoing pro-migration Commission – lives up to the word and spirit of the European Treaties, and will take substantive steps to stop immigration and refrain from using EU legal procedures as tools for political pressure.