When terror strikes, the left puts on the blinders

2020. 11. 12.

MEPs debated terrorism in the European Parliament. Left-liberal politicians talked about everything, but they just couldn’t dare to admit that the wave of terror has something to do with immigration. 

The European Parliament’s plenary finally put terrorism on the agenda. The unfortunate talk was instigated by the wave of Islamic terror that has swept Europe in recent weeks. The two beheading attacks in France with their blood-curdling cruelty, followed by the shooting of four innocent lives in Vienna, have shocked Europe. 

For left-wing politicians, including fellow EP members, MEP Klára Dobrev and MEP Anna Donáth, however, this was not enough to open their eyes. Once again, they spoke about everything from social equality to inclusion, but the reality is they do not see what they do not want to see. The Nice assassin arrived in Europe barely a month ago on an NGO ship transporting migrants. But the pro-immigration left does not dare to face the uncomfortable fact that mass immigration also increases the threat of Islamic terror. Until the left-wing elites in Brussels realize this, more Europeans will be killed.