We will not give in to the pressure from Brussels – We will defend the utility cost reduction scheme

2023. 05. 25.

Yesterday, the European Commission revealed its economic policy proposals for the member states. Brussels is recommending to Hungary the abolition of the utility cost reduction scheme and the completion of capital-intensive energy infrastructure projects. These proposals are inconsistent and unacceptable. We do not believe the latest suggestions of the Brussels bureaucrats are worth considering, as they are the ones who managed to navigate Europe into an energy and inflation crisis with their failed sanctions policy.

The main goal of the European Commission’s economic policy proposals would be to “preserve the lasting well-being of the citizens”. In contrast to this, Brussels proposes austerity measures. The Brussels bureaucrats are suggesting to Hungary to eliminate the utility cost reduction scheme and speed up the completion of capital-intensive energy projects.

The implementation of Brussels’ proposal would result in a 181,000 forints monthly utility bill increase for every Hungarian family. In addition, the bureaucrats would also deprive Hungarian family housing communities and small businesses of utility cost protection and leave them to their fate. The main obstacle to the acceleration of energy investments is the Commission itself, which is withholding the funds that can be used for this purpose.

Brussels’ recommendations are unacceptable. In addition, the Commission may consider three suggestions. On the one hand, do not implement measures that contribute to the energy and inflation crisis. On the other hand, it should immediately lift its blockage of EU-funds that the Hungarian people are rightfully entitled to. Finally, Brussels must immediately clarify its position regarding the attempted blackmail related to the oil transit via the Druzhba pipeline.