We will defend the utility cost reduction in Brussels, as well!

2024. 04. 17.

The plenary session of the European Parliament (EP) today adopted the amendment of Directive on the internal market of electricity. Regarding this decision, Fidesz MEP András Gyürk stated: “This legislation was one of the strongest legal attacks of the Brussels bureaucrats and the left-wing majority of the EP against the Hungarian overhead reduction scheme in the recent period. The directive still contains elements that indirectly threaten the utility cost reduction. Therefore, Fidesz MEPs said no to this initiative. We will defend the overhead reduction against any pressure from Brussels and the left.”

The European Commission’s misguided policy decisions and failed sanctions have led to a serious energy crisis, which has permanently undermined the competitiveness of the European economy. “In this situation legislation would be needed that improves the security of the energy supply and protects families from high energy prices. However, the amendment of the electricity market directive does not facilitate, but rather hinders the achievement of the two goals,” emphasized the Fidesz MEP.

Instead, the directive has become one of the strongest legal elements of the continuous attacks by Brussels against the Hungarian overhead reduction scheme. “The bureaucrats and their left-wing comrades want to make the people pay the price of their own failed policies, so they wanted to take away the right of Member States to protect their citizens from high energy prices. Despite the great pressure, this aspiration has now been prevented, also thanks to the MEPs of Fidesz-KDNP”, pointed out the Hungarian politician.

“However, there are still elements in the legislation that could potentially threaten the utility cost reduction scheme in the future. Therefore, we firmly said no to this initiative. It is nonsense that, with European energy poverty at a record high, the Commission and the left are attacking a successful and efficient government measure that has been in force for ten years now. We have to put an end to this, so change is needed in Brussels,” concluded MEP András Gyürk.