We stand up for the regional development funds for Hungarian citizens

2019. 02. 18.

Press release by MEP Tamás Deutsch

On Wednesday, the European Parliament’s Strasbourg plenary session adopted the report on the common provisions for the future of European cohesion policy by an overwhelming majority. Tamás Deutsch, Member of the EP’s Committee on Regional Development expressed his satisfaction, as several of his amendments were included in the proposal. Among other items, proposals submitted by the Fidesz MEP aimed to sustain the cohesion policy budget, increase co-financing rates, raise the pre-financing rate and ease macroeconomic conditionality.

“According to the European Commission’s plans, the budget for cohesion policy in the 2021-2027 period would be less than in the current MFF. Given that cohesion policy is the EU’s most important investment policy which benefits all Member States; it is unacceptable to reduce its budget”, said the Fidesz MEP following the votes.

“The Commission proposal would not only reduce the budget for regional development but it would also cut the pre-financing rates and increase the level of co-financing by Member States. These provisions make it more difficult to access Cohesion Funds, toughening the situation of final beneficiaries, therefore I found it necessary to change them in the parliamentary proposal”, he added.

The report draws up the possibility of funding the reception and integration of immigrants from the Cohesion Fund. “It’s completely unacceptable that the Commission wants to reduce the cohesion funding for the development of Member States and regions, plus it aims to withdraw additional funds from this lowered budget in order to finance the reception and integration of immigrants. Together with my fellow Fidesz MEPs, we could not support these proposals on today’s plenary vote”, concluded Tamás Deutsch.