We protect the overhead reduction. Without low consumer prices, the Union’s climate policy cannot succeed

2021. 06. 24.

Today’s plenary session of the European Parliament (EP) adopted the new EU climate regulation, which sets the goal of EU climate neutrality by 2050. Fidesz MEP Edina Tóth welcomed the result of the vote. In her plenary speech, she emphasized: “We need to be thoroughly prepared for the green transition, and maintaining jobs and the competitiveness of companies are both important in the current challenging situation. That is why we insist that the costs of EU objectives cannot be paid by neither citizens nor families!”

In her speech, MEP Tóth said that the fight against climate change was crucial for the future of Europe and the world. MEP Edina Tóth emphasized, however, that it is important that energy and food prices do not rise with the adoption of the climate law. “We must act responsibly! We need to find a solution to finance the costs of climate neutrality, respecting the polluter-pays principle, in order to let Hungarian economic actors remaining competitive,” she underlined. “Instead of unrealistic left-wing ideas that are hampering the growth of national economies, we need real environmental and human-friendly climate protection measures,” she added.

According to MEP Edina Tóth, EU climate policy cannot be successful if the EU imposes a disproportionate burden on our citizens and businesses. “It is therefore important that we do everything we can in order to protect the overhead reduction, to keep the overhead expenses of Hungarian families low, as domestic overhead costs are among the lowest in Europe,” highlighted MEP Tóth.