We need to defend our democratic culture and political pluralism

2021. 11. 12.

The European Parliament adopted the 2021 report on the statute and funding of the European political parties and European political foundations. László Trócsányi, Fidesz MEP is concerned that according to the report “an authority over political parties acquired such competences that allows it to exercise guardianship over the parties of the Member States at the European level.”

The report reinforce the Authority for European Political Parties and European Political Foundations that seeks to exercise ideological value control over European political parties and their member parties based on uncertain content and procedures. Besides, the report envisages the introduction of a transnational electoral system.

MEP László Trócsányi emphasized that the political parties constitute an integral part of democratic cultures. As the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights declares, parties shall be provided with considerable leeway to preserve political pluralism. Democracy shall represent people and not ideologies. Therefore, proposals that are aimed to define the European political party landscape in a top down approach are incompatible with the principles of democratic culture and subsidiarity. These proposals are “incapable of addressing the challenge of democratic deficits while they deprive Europe of its greatest resource, its diversity”.