We need actions instead of words

2019. 11. 26.

Press Release by MEP Edina Tóth

In her speech on the European Parliament’s plenary session, Fidesz MEP Edina Tóth highlighted the necessity of making a thorough impact assessment so that our economic and climate aims wouldn’t be conflicting but mutually beneficial with each other.

In her remarks, the Fidesz representative emphasized that one should respond to the challenges of climate change in a coordinated and prudent manner, whilst also focusing on emerging opportunities for tackling climate change.

MEP Edina Tóth further stressed, “The European Union will become climate neutral if it acts to the best of its knowledge; when we move from words to actions, the European Union will be able to effectively tackle climate change”.

“With the declaration of climate emergency, we pressurize decision-makers to act hastily, whereas we should remain wise and prudent, particularly now, because if we fail to act adequately, we may not move in the right direction” – concluded her speech the EPP Group MEP.