We need a change in EU budget planning too!

2024. 03. 14.

During today’s plenary session of the European Parliament, MEPs voted on the Parliament’s plans for the EU budget for 2025. The Fidesz Delegation in the European Parliament does not support the use of budgetary means to implement the liberal policies that are destroying Europe. In the current war and serious economic circumstances, the European Union’s budget must not be planned in the misguided way of the past. Change is needed in Brussels so that budgetary priorities can be set that are genuinely in the interests of the European people and the European economy.

Fidesz MEP Andor Deli underlined in his plenary speech that “we have stressed many times in the past that in the current geopolitical and serious economic circumstances of war, the European Union’s budget should not be planned in the same misguided way as in the past”. The MEP stressed that “the farmers’ demonstrations shaking the capitals of Western Europe, the haulers blocking the Eastern borders, all demand change! But when we read through the Parliament’s priorities for 2025, the draft resolution still contains divisive ‘hit pieces’ such as the unchanged implementation of the greening packages or the unrestricted admission of Ukrainian agricultural products”.

MEP Deli said: “We can see how damaging these are to industrial production and economic performance in several key Member States, and we have also seen in recent weeks in the European farmers’ protests what European farmers think of these excessive proposals that are damaging agricultural production.” 

“The EU budget should help solve these problems. That is why change is needed in Brussels to set budget priorities that are truly in the interests of the European people and the European economy”, MEP Andor Deli concluded.