We must take action against atrocities towards the Roma

2019. 05. 12.

Press Release of Lívia Járóka

Lívia Járóka, Vice-President of the European Parliament (Fidesz) addressed the European Commission, Romanian President Klaus Iohannis and Romanian Prime Minister Viorica Dancila in an open letter to raise their attention to the crisis caused by violent atrocities against the Roma. She urged immediate intervention to stop the violent evictions that have recently begun across Europe from the politicians who  arrived to an informal European Council meeting in Sibiu.  

During her opening speech at a European Day event in Budapest yesterday, the Vice-President remindend to the recent evictions in Charleroi (Belgium) and that is to happen in Tirgu Mures (Romania) on the 25thof May. She called on the diplomats to make better use of EU funds and urged the Member States to start the intergation of the 16 million European Roma and nearly 100 million non-Roma deprived people. “Complex integration programs are available that could be used in the Balkans and Africa to reduce illegal migration, and to promote the integration of those who are eligible for asylum, thus will find temporary shelter in Europe for a shorter or longer period to flee from the horrors of war”, Lívia Járóka pointed out.

The Fidesz MEP emphasized: “Resources, knowledge, infrastructure and political commitment are all available in the Member States. It is our shared responsibility to immediately provide clean drinking water, good job opportunities, housing and health care to the poorest people in Europe”. In addition, the European Parliament has concrete, immediate proposals to put an end to the situation throughout Europe that have already been sent to the President of the Commission as a written proposal by Járóka.