We must offer real solutions for our citizens

2022. 09. 13.

In today’s plenary session of the European Parliament, Fidesz MEP Enikő Győri debated with the Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin. In her speech, she called on the head of government to “be a partner in the operation of a strong European Union that focuses on the most pressing problems of European citizens, in the spirit of Nordic pragmatism.”

MEP Enikő Győri pointed out: “We are feeling the pain of the EU’s economy: the cost of living is rising and there are disruptions to energy supplies. We need to offer real solutions to our citizens.”

She stressed: “We must stop the European economy from going into a tailspin. Russia’s shameful aggression against Ukraine must not take us down with it. The figures show clearly that a misguided sanctions policy hurts us more than the aggressor itself. A complete change of direction is needed.”

She also underlined that “proposals for the reform of energy policy should be judged on their contribution to security of supply, whether they will bring about a reduction in energy prices for consumers and whether they take into account the specificities of Member States. The gas price cap proposal would clearly undermine our security of supply”.

“We need to remove ideology from technical issues. Mindlessly indebting future generations must stop”, Győri highlighted, adding that “instead of over-regulation and recklessly increasing administrative burdens, we need to unburden companies, especially SMEs”.

She noted that the culture of cooperation in good faith between Member States should be restored and an end must be put to lecturing each other. “There is no room for ideology in negotiations on the disbursement of EU funds. Hungarians should finally have access to the funds that are rightfully theirs”, the Fidesz MEP concluded.