We demand an immediate explanation from Brussels!

2023. 05. 20.

The Fidesz and KDNP MEPs are addressing the European Commission with written questions for an immediate answer on the news about the Druzhba pipeline. Brussels must immediately explain whether or not it is true the Ukrainian claim that Commission officials suggested the possibility of threatening oil supplies as blackmail. Such a move would constitute a grave threat against the sovereignty of Hungary.

The Druzhba pipeline plays an essential role in the security of the oil supply of Hungary and Central Europe. Therefore, it is a cause for utmost concern that recent reports suggest Mr Volodimir Tsependa, CEO of Ukraine’s Ukrtransnafta, claimed in a memo that officials from the European Commission suggested shutting down oil deliveries to Hungary. This is totally unacceptable and would constitute a grave threat against the sovereignty of Hungary.

To clarify the situation, we are asking the European Commission three clear and straightforward questions. First, Brussels bureaucrats need to clarify whether any proposal has been made to Ukraine to halt oil deliveries. Second, the Commission must answer whether it has ever suggested to third countries to restrict energy supplies to any EU Member State. Finally, Brussels must refrain from using energy supplies as blackmail.

We expect a swift and decisive response from the European Commission, commensurate with the seriousness of the matter.