There is no place for a psychosis of war in energy policy!

2024. 04. 17.

At today’s plenary session of the European Parliament (EP), MEPs are expected to accept the amendment to the hydrogen and decarbonized gas market regulation. Fidesz MEP András Gyürk stated with regard to this decision: “Instead of dealing with the real problems that are affecting citizens and businesses, this regulation further strengthens the psychosis of war in the European energy policy and puts under risk the security of Hungary’s energy supply. Our group of MEPs therefore firmly opposes this initiative.”

One of the most serious consequences of the energy crisis caused by the failed sanctions of the European Commission was a decrease in the security of natural gas supply accompanied by a rally in natural gas prices. “As a result of these two processes, in Europe citizens and companies still have to pay six times more for natural gas than in the United States. However, the gas market regulation, instead of attempting to solve the problems, chose to deepen the psychosis of war in the European energy policy,” emphasized the Fidesz MEP.

Among others, the regulation would allow Member States to limit the transportation of Russian natural gas in their gas pipeline networks. “This could pose a serious risk to the security of Hungary’s energy supply. This is unacceptable, this is why our parliamentary group firmly rejects the initiative,” the Hungarian politician pointed out.

“Energy supply is a physical question, not a political one. Therefore, in this area, there is no place for the war psychosis that is increasingly prevailing in Brussels. As before, we will protect Hungary’s secure energy supply against any kind of pressure applied by Brussels and the left. Hungarians can only count on the Fidesz-KDNP in this issue,” concluded MEP András Gyürk.