There is a need for sustainable regional aviation

2019. 11. 13.

Briefing of MEP Edina Tóth and MEP Andor Deli

Fidesz MEPs Andor Deli and Edina Tóth and the Association of European Airlines (ERA), held a breakfast meeting in the European Parliament today focusing on sustainable aviation. During the meeting, the participants shared their views from different perspective on the current challenges of the aviation sector, and presentations were given on new researches and innovations aiming to improve the sustainability of regional aviation.

In his opening remarks MEP Deli underlined the role of regional air transport in achieving better connectivity and accessibility in Europe. ,,Connectivity and accessibility are essential for all modern societies in order to provide equal opportunities for all their citizens. Connecting remote regions or underdeveloped territories via air transport can be crucial for the overall development and it can be essential for slowing down “brain drain” towards major cities or centrally positioned regions and countries. Sustainable regional aviation can help in achieving these goals”, pointed out Andor Deli. 

MEP Edina Tóth stressed the importance of sustainable development as the key of reducing ecological footprint of the aviation sector. “Environmental friendly solutions must be supported, but it must not hurt the EU`s global competitiveness. Therefore, too strict EU climate regulation shall not result in carbon leakage towards third countries. We need to find a viable balance between the economy and the environment”, said the Fidesz MEP.

Background: The European Regions Airlines Association(ERA) is a European organization for service providers and manufacturers in the field of regional airlines, regional airports and air transport in Europe.