The struggle continues to defend the reduction in utility prices

2019. 01. 24.

Press Release by András Gyürk

The European Parliament’s Committee on Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE) voted on the common rules for the internal electricity market. The most controversial element of the package is a provision for the abolition of regulated prices. The original Commission proposal would prohibit Member States from regulating electricity prices in the retail sector, an important tool for Member States to keep prices down. The introduction of the measure would also have an adverse effect on Hungarian consumers, as it would abolish Hungary’s reduction of utility prices.

MEP András Gyürk, head of the Fidesz EP delegation, submitted amendments to protect the reduction of utility costs. However, at the end of last year, a majority in the European Parliament, including MEPs from Hungarian left-wing parties, opposed these amendments and voted to abolish regulated prices. Nevertheless, the compromise proposal resulting from subsequent inter-institutional negotiations made it possible to maintain the reduction of utility prices. That was confirmed by Tuesday’s parliamentary committee vote.

“The fight for the reduction of utility costs has not come to an end with this victory. The European Parliament is expected to hold its final vote on the subject during its March plenary session. If we can accept the proposal in its current form at that time, it would mean that the reduction of utility costs can certainly survive the coming years,” said András Gyürk following the vote.