The spread of coronavirus could have serious consequences without EU coordination

2020. 01. 29.

Press Release by MEP Edina Tóth

At the plenary session of the European Parliament, MEPs expressed their concerns about the rapid spread of coronavirus which has already led to a health emergency in China. Fidesz MEP Edina Tóth called on the European Commission to support Member States to take the appropriate safety measures.

MEP Edina Tóth reminded: our airports are the gateways to Europe, so it is of utmost importance that they have enough disinfection facilities and equipment if any necessary action needs to be taken. The EPP politician called on the European Commission and the Member States to constantly check that operators have an adequate supply of protective equipment.

“It is our priority to protect our citizens! I therefore call on the European Commission to provide the Member States adequate financial and technical support and to provide an assertive and coordinated response on the possible spread of the coronavirus in the European Union”, said the EPP politician. “The outbreak and rapid spread of the coronavirus in Europe is a major challenge. It is therefore important that the authorities react promptly and professionally”, concluded MEP Edina Tóth.