The proposal for the multiannual financial framework for 2021-2027 is unacceptable in its current form

2019. 10. 10.

Press Release by MEP Tamás Deutsch

The European Commission’s draft would apply double standards and would significantly reduce regional development and agricultural funding. It is unacceptable for the Hungarian government to suffer a 24% cut of funds in the Hungarian regions. The proposed cuts of 16.4% in direct payments and a 26.6% loss of funds for rural development support in the Common Agricultural Policy are also totally unacceptable for Hungary.

The new rule of law mechanism proposed by the Commission bypasses contractual provisions and creates the duplication of existing instruments. We reject the use of EU funds as subjective, political punishments under the disguise of so-called rule of law conditions, punishing politically accused regions that are performing well in terms of economics and job creation.

EU regional development funds are not charities. The Hungarian regions are eligible for these resources on the basis of objective criteria. No EU institution should view structural funds as means of exerting political pressure.

In light of EU plans, which would put Hungarian regions at a disadvantage, additional attempts of the Hungarian opposition taking away the control of the Hungarian government over EU development funds are particularly sad. It is only the Hungarian opposition that uses all of its power and energy to cut EU funding for Hungary and the Hungarian people. It is an open attack on Hungary that could result in the loss of Hungary’s regional development funding.