The Hungarian hauliers’ interests comes first for us

2019. 09. 23.

Press release by MEP Andor Deli

“Common sense suffered another defeat in the European Parliament’s Committee on Transport and Tourism (TRAN) when a majority of MEPs voted to renegotiate the Mobility Package last Thursday. We will not give up, however, and will fight to the end,” said Fidesz MEP Andor Deli. “For us, the interests of Hungarian hauliers always comes first.”

“Last year, the European Parliament adopted under political pressure a package of legislation that jeopardizes the competitiveness of Hungarian hauliers, particularly small- and medium-sized hauliers and family businesses. However, the EP Rules of Procedure allow the committee with new composition to refer legislative proposals back to the European Commission for reconsideration. The Mobility Package has divided representatives and Member States across East and West like never before, so referral would have been the only rational decision. But Eastern Europe, as well as basic common sense, have once again come up short in this protracted process full of hostility,” said Deli, member of the Committee on Transport and Tourism.

“But not all is lost. The fight for the interests of Hungarian hauliers is not over. Interinstitutional negotiations may begin within a few weeks, with the possibility of renegotiating certain elements. We are facing a difficult period, but we will do our best to bring the final package of legislation closer to the interests of Hungarian hauliers,” added the Fidesz politician.