The Holy Father’s words on Roma are of utmost significance

2019. 06. 04.

Press release of MEP Lívia Járóka

Lívia Járóka, the first European Parliament Vice-President of Roma origin addressed a letter today to Holy Father Francis thanking him for his statement made during his visit to Transylvania (Romania) this weekend.

MEP Járóka highlighted in her letter that Roma people had been persecuted in Europe for centuries. Hundreds of thousands were killed during the Holocaust. Despite many years of dedicated work of committed people, there is still a long road to reach a world without discrimination. However, she stated that the Holy Father’s words would significantly contribute to raise awareness to the long lasting discrimination against Roma.

She called it a historical moment and expressed her gratitude to the Holy Father for apologising to the Roma people on behalf of the Catholic Church for the persecution they have faced throughout the history. “Acknowledgement of the suffering of Roma is a very significant motion made towards them. This gesture could directly contribute to achieving long-lasting change” – pointed out the Fidesz politician.

Lívia Járóka, as a re-elected Member of the European Parliament, is committed to continue her work on ameliorating the situation of Roma and creating a society without discrimination. In this light, she asked for a reinforced cooperation with the Holy See in pastoral care of the Roma community and eliminating poverty as she is convinced that real results could be achieved solely with close cooperation.