The government is protecting the Hungarian people, while the left has once again backed Brussels!

2020. 11. 17.

The Fidesz-KDNP delegation to the European Parliament supports the government’s decision to protect the Hungarian people. Brussels wants to create a violent tool of political extortion, ultimately aimed at forcing immigrants on Hungarians. 

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán informed German Chancellor Angela Merkel, President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen and President of the European Council Charles Michel in a letter yesterday that the Hungarian government would veto legislation on the EU’s seven-year budget and recovery fund.  

The Hungarian government has repeatedly drawn attention to the fact that the next seven-year budget (MFF) and recovery fund will be jeopardized if their use is made subject to unspecified conditions that could arbitrarily lead to politically based budgetary sanctions by applying double standards. 

It is not Hungary that blackmails and puts pressure on Brussels in the negotiations on EU budget resources, but the contrary. We stand by the Hungarian people and defend their interests, while the left has once again sided with Brussels against the Hungarian people. The Fidesz-KDNP delegation to the European Parliament reaffirm that Hungary and the Hungarian government have never fought nor are fighting against Europe, but for Europe and the future of our children and grandchildren in Europe. However, when joining the EU, Hungary did not choose a federalist Europe nor the United States of Europe, but an alliance based on strong nation states that help and respect each other. And we did not fight for Hungarian freedom during the change of regime to replace an Eastern dictatorship with a Western dictatorship!