The European Union let the road freighters down

2020. 07. 09.

The European Parliament has voted on the so-called Mobility Package that contains new rules for the road freight transport sector. ,,The adopted rules will lead to decreasing the competitiveness of Central and Eastern European road freighters which could be only beneficial for their counterparts from third countries. This is a short-sighted and unreasonable decision that will make Europe even more vulnerable,” expressed his opinion Andor Deli Hungarian MEP regarding the results of votes on the Mobility Package.   

,,The supporters of the Mobility Package turned blind eye to the fact that the proposed rules will not only decline the position of the Central and Eastern European road freighters, but also weaken the whole Single Market and may hinder the functioning of the whole European freight transport system.  The adopted proposal means additional administrative burden for companies, particularly for SMEs that will lead to their decreasing competitiveness and the expansion of companies from third countries on the EU market,” told the Hungarian politician.

,,From the beginning, the aim of the Western Member States was to enact their protectionist measures on European level in order to repel the Central and Eastern European freighters. We did our best during the last three years  but our arguments fell on deaf ears,” added Deli.

,,The corona pandemic showed us the vulnerability of Europe. The Mobility Package will further increase vulnerability in spite of the fact that the current crisis highlighted the important role of the road freighters in the supply chain. Unfortunately, some never learn from their own mistakes the result of the votes clearly shows it,” concluded Deli.