The European Parliament’s Left majority has stepped up its ideological battles to divide the Union: They are now blackmailing and threatening the guardians of the Treaties

2021. 03. 25.

The European Parliament voted on the resolution calling for the application of the so-called rule of law conditionality. With this proposal, the European Left is openly threatening the European Commission and would put the European Court of Justice under unprecedented political pressure: if politically dissenting Member States are not punished immediately and retroactively, they can expect severe consequences.

In December 2020, the Union’s Heads of State and Government reached a historic agreement on the seven-year framework budget and a recovery fund to mitigate the severe economic effects brought about by the coronavirus epidemic. The agreement clearly states that no political or ideological conditions can be imposed on Member States regarding the use of EU resources. In light of the agreement concluded in December, Hungary and Poland have requested the Court of Justice of the European Union to examine whether the so-called rule of law conditionality is compatible with the Treaties. The European Commission agreed not to apply the regulation until it has been examined by the Court of Justice. The European Parliament has now repeatedly challenged the historic agreement reached in December, which would serve the unity of the EU. The left-wing majority has stepped up its ideological battles to divide the Union: It is threatening the European Commission and putting severe political pressure on EU judges in an ongoing case.

While Member States are struggling with the third wave of the coronavirus epidemic and doing their utmost to save lives, the European Parliament is once again threatening financial sanctions for trumped-up political reasons, instead of dealing with Brussel’s failed vaccine procurement. This time, the parliamentary resolution targets the European Commission, which is being confronted for not having opposed the European Council’s decision and questioned as to why it still does not apply the so-called rule of law regulation. The European Left is urging retrospective proceedings, wishing to see Hungary and Poland in the penalty box. They are even threatening the Commission with a motion of censure. As usual, the European Parliament is going far beyond its remit, preparing for an institutional war as well as using blackmail and threats. In an unprecedented way, it is also putting political pressure on the European Court of Justice, hoping it will rule as fast as possible.

One of the co-authors of the scandalous resolution is Katalin Cseh, a representative of the Hungarian Left. The Hungarian Left has once again proved that it will not shy away from any means of trying to take away EU funds belonging to Hungary and Hungarian citizens. They enthusiastically support and even make up the lion’s share of the European Parliament’s condemnation of Hungary on political and ideological grounds. They devote all of their energy to working against their own country while Fidesz MEPs defend Hungarians against left-wing attacks.