The European Parliament is about to provide more funds for taking in migrants

2019. 03. 20.

Press release by Kinga Gál

The European Parliament plenary has adopted the Parliament’s position on the Asylum and Migration Fund for 2021-2027. “It is outrageous that the pro-migration majority of the European Parliament wants to spend a large part of the tripled funding on bringing in migrants, rather than trying to stop immigration,” said Fidesz MEP Kinga Gál following the vote.

 “The [European] Parliament’s position intends to devote a significant part of the resources exclusively to the establishment of legal migration channels, the integration of migrants and the implementation of ‘solidarity among Member States’. According to this latest proposal, Member States that don’t intend to settle migrants on their territory, could be deprived of substantial amounts of EU funding,” said Gál, adding that “in spite of what the Commission is saying, that there will be no resettlement quotas, the proposal would allocate a significant amount for this purpose.”

Kinga Gál emphasized how scandalous it is that the pro-migration majority of the European Parliament would only allow five percent of the funds to be spent locally on eliminating the root causes. “Meanwhile, it would allocate tens of thousands of euros to each Member State for each resettled migrant, thus encouraging the settlement of migrants on our continent,” she added. The Commission’s proposal on the use of EU funds proves that the institution’s real intention, despite all denials, is to promote immigration by encouraging the settlement of migrants through financial means.

“The reallocation according to quotas is denied by the Hungarian opposition, too. In contrast, the text adopted today clearly states that the Fund will also cover the costs of relocating migrants under the Dublin Regulation,” Kinga Gál concluded.