The European minimum wage is nothing but an irresponsible left-wing promise

2019. 10. 10.

Briefing by MEP Ádám Kósa

The European Parliament’s plenary session voted on the employment and social policy in the eurozone today. MEP Ádám Kósa (Fidesz) drew attention to the fact that, although the report does not seem to directly affect our country as a non-eurozone Member State, the left wing intends to smuggle provisions into it that would allow possible future expansion of the rules to non-euro area members as well. 

Ádám Kósa recalled that the financial crisis of 2008 was more severe in Hungary than in most European countries, largely caused by spending on irresponsible promises made by the left-wing government at the time. Today, a decade later, thanks to the persistent work of the Fidesz government, the Hungarian economy is much more shock-resistant and less vulnerable than it was before the previous world economic  crises.

The MEP from Fidesz-KDNP emphasized that now that Hungary is on a growth path, we need to be outmost careful to preserve our achievements. We must prevent the left wing from deceiving voters with irresponsible and unrealistic promises once again, such as the European minimum wage or European unemployment reinsurance. Moreover, they are making these promises at a time when there is a fear that Brexit could cause a significant decrease in the EU budget.

MEP Kósa highlighted that a responsible politician cannot support ideas which, in the current situation, would introduce a new financial instrument, thus a new expenditure, and would limit the Member States’ ability to react quickly to social policy challenges.

“You can’t spend more with less money, this is a rule that every housewife knows very well,” noted the MEP.