The debate about the Future of Europe commences

2019. 11. 14.

Press Release by MEP László Trócsányi

The Constitutional Affairs Committee of the European Parliament has held a debate regarding the upcoming Conference on the Future of Europe. The goal of the conference is to assess the state of the European Union, to identify where new reforms are necessary and to prepare the Union for new challenges. MEP László Trócsányi, (Fidesz) has raised awareness to the fact that only reasoned, well-considered and substantial initiatives can lead to success.

„From the beginning of the 2000s I was a Hungarian ambassador accredited to Brussels and I had a chance to personally follow the debate on the Future of Europe, to see the work of the Convent. High ambitions were followed by a significant defeat; the citizens in the Netherlands and in France have refused the ratification of the Constitution of Europe. This proves that only rational and thought-out goals are worth to be formulated for the Conference on the Future of Europe” – underlined MEP Trócsányi.

„We have to raise questions in the framework of the debate on the Future of Europe and during our reflection on the state of the Union that are indeed important for the citizens, we cannot retreat behind closed doors and into ivory towers” – explained László Trócsányi. „We should not debate institutional questions primarily, like transnational lists or the Spitzenkandidat-system, these only divide the Member States and decision makers. We need to focus instead on finding answers to questions, which are interesting and important for the citizens. Questions, such as an adequate reaction to the migration crisis, how to have a more competitive Europe, assessing the questions of national sovereignty, economic and social problems and the future relation of the EU to its neighbours. The conference needs a real, lifelike vision, without this every aspiration for reforms and renewal will fail. The Conference on the Future of Europe can only be fruitful, if not only the European institutions participate in its process, but other actors, like national parliaments can share their opinion as well” – highlighted László Trócsányi.

The Constitutional Affairs Committee plays a key role in the debate regarding the Future of Europe. The framework and structure of the conference will be outlined in the upcoming months.