There is still no EU response to the repeated infringement of human rights against the Hungarians in Transcarpathia

2018. 10. 28.

Press release by Andrea Bocskor

In her latest plenary speech, Fidesz-KDNP MEP Andrea Bocskor expressed concern over atrocities against the Hungarian community in Transcarpathia. Bocskor stressed that the infringement of minority rights, including education and language rights cause uncertainty in the Hungarian community, and it leads to insecurity. “Some people are deliberately working to undermine peace among nationalities and inciting ethnic conflicts in Transcarpathia,” said Andrea Bocskor.

The MEP drew attention to a negative tendency in news published about the Hungarian community in Ukrainian media outlets, including the false accusation of separatism. Andrea Bocskor informed members of the European Parliament about the extremist website that intimidated Hungarians living in Transcarpathia, labelling them as “enemies of the people” and publishing personal data of more than 500 individuals.

“On top of the current Ukrainian legislation, they have also violated international conventions. And they are still doing it. On the website of the Ukrainian Supreme Council, there is a petition calling for the deportation of Hungarians from Transcarpathia. This is clearly an incitement against the community, but the anti-Hungarian initiative has nevertheless been registered. Towards the end of this week, billboards were posted with photographs and names of Hungarian leaders in Transcarpathia and the caption, ‘Stop the Separatists,’”, said Bocskor, recounting recent atrocities.

“The ineffectiveness of the Ukrainian authorities and the European political community lends momentum to rising tensions caused by these ethnic provocations and destabilization attempts for political gain. It is time to take the situation seriously and act before it is too late,” Bocskor stressed. “The responsible decision-makers of the European Union, unfortunately, still do not regard as a serious problem the social tensions in Ukraine, the incitement of the electoral campaign, hate speech and hostility, or the violation of international commitments,” she said.

”It is very sad,” the Fidesz MEP added, “that a country aspiring to become an EU and NATO member treats its minorities like this, whose motherland is a member of the EU and NATO and has done a lot to support Ukraine in the past. Along with the firm commitment of the Hungarian government, so far only Antonio Tajani, EP President has offered his help to the Hungarian community in Transcarpathia.”