Social security is not an exlusive right for Western European workers

2019. 04. 19.

Press release by MEP Ádám Kósa

During its plenary session on Thursday, the European Parliament postponed the amendment to the regulation on the coordination of social security systems. Fidesz MEP Ádám Kósa was pleased to see that the after failing in the Council, the dossier, which would have built new walls between Western and Eastern Europe, also failed in the EP. “Now we have time to think carefully about new rules in the next parliamentary term,” said Kósa. “Until then, the current rules, which Hungary finds satisfactory, will remain in force.”

“We have prevented the indexing of family benefits from being included in the text,” the MEP said, “as there can be no second-class children in the EU. Those who work in a Western European country contribute to the social security and tax system there with the same payments as local workers, therefore cannot receive less benefits simply because his child lives in another Member State!”

“Hopefully, the representatives of the new European Parliament will work for a united and non-divisive Europe in the spirit of the EU Treaties, and we will see an end to the tendency of Western Member States to blame Eastern European countries for all their problems,” the EPP politician added.