Schengen: full protection of the external borders is a prerequisite for open internal borders

2018. 06. 01.

Press release by Kinga Gál

“It is only possible to maintain the internal Schengen territory free of border controls through full and effective protection of the external borders of Schengen. The poor European response to migration, like the mandatory quota, endangers the internal openness of the Schengen area,” said Fidesz MEP Kinga Gál during a plenary session in Strasbourg on the annual report on the functioning of the Schengen area.

“European citizens consider the freedom of movement without internal border controls the greatest achievement of the European Union,” said the EPP politician during the debate. “If we want the EU to remain important to our citizens, then it’s essential to preserve the Schengen system.”

“It is now clear that full protection of the external borders is a prerequisite for open internal borders. All Member States with an external border must fully comply with existing Schengen rules as Hungary is also doing. The effort and money expended on the external borders should also be declared a form of solidarity. Resources for Member States protecting Schengen external borders, and thus the security of the whole European Union, should be increased. Unfortunately, due to the poor response of the European Union to the migration crisis, based on the mandatory resettlement scheme and its consequences, numerous Member States have reintroduced border controls along internal borders of the EU, thus endangering the operation of the Schengen area,” said King Gál during the debate.

“A successful migration policy can only be achieved by full protection of the external borders. In the meantime, reintroduced temporary border controls within the Schengen area must be terminated because a Europe without internal borders makes the European Union tangible to our citizens,” said the Fidesz MEP in closing.