Real action must be taken to end violence against women instead of urging false pretenses

2020. 11. 25.

Fidesz MEP Lívia Járóka, Vice-President of the European Parliament, emphasized on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women on 25 November that the Istanbul Convention alone is not a guarantee to end violence against women, instead of that comprehensive legal guarantees and unified social action are required.

„Ending violence against women means that we fight with all possible instruments and strong legislation for the right of every woman, all together, at all levels, in all spheres of society highlighted MEP Járóka in her written statement.

She added, that every single EU Member State must make sure that laws are implemented to ensure the protection and assistance of victims. The Istanbul Convention is not a miracle cure to ensure this, in fact, it is ideologically driven and in many cases sets weaker rules than existing legal instruments.

The MEP from Fidesz emphasized that the Istanbul Convention does not guarantee the end of violence against women. “It is decisive governmental action that makes the difference as it is the case in Hungary. Numbers speak for themselves and each day we see the situation of women improve without ratifying the Convention,” added by Járóka. 

„Equality is an essential principle enshrined in our European values and we all must ensure this becomes a reality for all our citizens, men and women, boys and girls,” pointed out by the MEP. She also stressed that we need targeted actions that address the roots of the problems, adapt to the reality in Member States and address the associated problems such as poverty and exclusion.