Public utility cuts are working – Hungary has provided the best defence against the energy crisis, Eurostat says

2022. 05. 04.

According to a recent Eurostat report, residential energy prices in Europe increased by an average of 11 percent in 2021, prior to the Russian-Ukrainian war. In its analysis, the EU’s statistical office says that across Europe, only Hungary and Slovakia have been able to stem the rise in energy prices. This proves once again that, despite the pressure on our country, cutting energy prices is the best way to protect families.

The energy crisis caused by the failed climate and energy policies of Brussels was already having an impact on European households in 2021. Per a recent Eurostat analysis, last year European families’ energy bills were on average 11 percent higher than in 2020. This means a monthly price increase of almost HUF 5,000.

According to the EU’s statistical office, across Europe, only Hungary and Slovakia saw no increase in household energy prices last year. In addition, Hungary has the lowest residential electricity and gas prices in all of the EU. All of this is thanks to the Hungarian government’s consistent policy of cutting energy prices for the past eight years, with the aim of protecting Hungarians.

Hungary is under constant pressure to raise residential energy prices. However, we on the national side are focused on the interests of the Hungarian people when it comes to energy policy as well. We will therefore continue to do everything we can to protect families.