Protecting jobs in the tourism sector is our objective

2020. 06. 02.

Members of the Transport and Tourism (TRAN) Committee in the European Parliament discussed today the tourism and travel package proposed by the European Commission. Fidesz MEP Andor Deli underlined in his contribution that the European Commission should support the Member States’ efforts and measures in order to successfully protect jobs and relaunch European tourism.  

“Tourism was hit the most directly by the COVID-19 pandemic; therefore, it is of great importance to relaunch tourism in Europe as soon as possible. This will not be possible without coordinated efforts and measures of the Member States. The role of the European Commission is to facilitate this coordination, but at the same time when it comes to the reopening of the internal borders, it needs to leave the liberty for the Member States to assess their measures taking into account their specific public health situation,” said MEP Andor Deli, Hungarian Member of the TRAN committee.

,,I am also convinced that this crisis will fundamentally change our habits and patterns of travel. This situation can also be used for promoting less known local touristic destinations. By doing so, we will broaden the variety of touristic offers attracting travelers and support local businesses in Europe. The European Commission should help in the promotion of these new destinations,” added the Hungarian EPP MEP.

,,In Hungary, the share of tourism in the national GDP and employment is approximately 9%; that shows the importance of protecting jobs and supporting businesses in this sector. The Hungarian government is doing everything possible to preserve jobs; however, the European Commission has to support the efforts of the Member States. Tourism, therefore, must get its proper place in the EU’s Recovery Package” – underlined Deli.