Post-2020 EU Roma strategy must finally end the hardship of Roma communities across Europe

2019. 02. 12.

Press release of MEP Lívia Járóka

Today the European Parliament adopted the resolution on the post-2020 EU framework for national Roma strategies in Strasbourg. The motion has been initiated by EP Vice-President Lívia Járóka (Fidesz) bringing together five political groups in an effort to strengthen the message towards the Commission and the Council asking for a better and fairer Roma strategy that will help to improve the lives of Roma communities across Europe.

The findings of the evaluation of the current programme (EU Framework for National Roma Integration Strategies up to 2020)show limited effectiveness since the social, economic and cultural exclusion of Roma continues across Europe. Corrective measures against practices that discriminate Roma not allowing them to exercise their rights as EU citizens, along with development opportunities are crucial.

“Looking ahead for the next Roma Strategy, the new targets must be set on the inclusion of Roma in the environmentally sustainable and digital society along with the traditional goals on improving access to education, housing, employment and health” – highlighted MEP Lívia Járóka.

The EPP Group MEP asks for better qualitative and quantitative monitoring of the programmes, inclusive design with active participation of Roma individuals and communities, and binding country specific targets that can deliver results especially related to employment.

“The long fight towards the end of discrimination and the socio-economic exclusion of Roma can only be won by focusing on fair access to justice and the labour market. This resolution comes just in the right time and puts those points in the centre of attention for the Commission and the Member States starting the debate on an improved post-2020 EU Roma Inclusion Strategy that can deliver results” – stressed out the MEP of Roma origin.