Petty left-wing political attack on the Hungarian member of the European Court of Auditors

2023. 05. 25.

Ildikó Pelczné Gáll has been a Hungarian Member of the European Court of Auditors since 2017. Today, the European Parliament’s Committee on Budgetary Control heard the renominated Hungarian Auditor General. 

lldikó Pelczné Gáll is one of the most qualified and distinguished members of the Board, based on her career, professional background, and work at the Court of Auditors, all of which were recognised by the Committee when the Hungarian candidate was nominated in 2017, when she was supported by a large majority. However, in today’s hearing, the Hungarian dollar left and the European left voted against the Hungarian candidate for clear political reasons, ignoring all professional arguments and the fact that the Hungarian nominee has performed her duties as auditor with excellence since 2017. 

The European Parliament’s plenary is expected to vote on the Hungarian nominee on 1 June, but the European Parliament only has the right to give its opinion on the nomination process, with the final decision will be made by the Council of the European Union.

Background: The European Court of Auditors is an institution of the European Union, established in 1977 to audit EU revenues and expenditures and to check the regularity and effectiveness of the implementation of the EU budget. Based in Luxembourg, the members of the Court of Auditors are appointed by the governments of the Member States, with one member from each country for a six-year term of office.