Overhead cuts create security: despite the European energy crisis Hungarians are paying the lowest energy prices in Europe

2021. 10. 07.

Energy prices have recently reached record-high level and as a consequence, in many EU Member States citizens are facing extraordinary increases of energy prices. Today, the European Parliament debated the European energy crisis caused by rising energy prices. In her plenary speech, Fidesz MEP Edina Tóth pointed out that while the EU had only followed the rise of energy prices as a passive observer, some Member States had taken action. She emphasized that there is no increase of consumer energy prices in Hungary and that the consistent overhead reduction policy is still the best way to keep consumer prices low.

According to MEP Edina Tóth, due to faulty EU policies, there was a shortage in the energy market. “However, the European Commission’s too ambitious climate protection package has increased the gravity of the situation in some places!”, she added.

The Fidesz politician highlighted that the Hungarian energy supply system passed the coronavirus epidemic, and the retail energy price is the lowest in Europe. She pointed out that it had been proven several times that the European and Hungarian left-wing parties would address the challenges posed by current market energy prices and climate protection ambitions by raising the overhead. This attitude would seriously harm Hungarian citizens and is therefore completely unacceptable. For Hungary, an affordable and secure energy supply for the people is the first. “We stand for low overheads in the intensifying European political debates of the coming period”, MEP Edina Tóth emphasized.

It would be important for the EU to use best practices from the Member States. “We need to ensure that people and businesses have access to affordable energy at EU level, otherwise EU energy policy is doomed to failure”, she said in her closing remarks.